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Your camping season 2021 starts now

Your camping season 2021 starts now


Flight limitations due to COVID-19 have forced people to consider alternative ways to travel, thus 2020 happened to be a boom year for on-the-ground travelling. There has been a demand for RVs and camping trailers like never before. Camping sites and countryside guesthouses have been fully booked. Perhaps we have just witnessed a temporary market splash, but we cannot exclude that some of these new patterns are here to stay.

There is a Latvian proverb that says: prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter. Preparing for the future is what in fact lies behind the phrase, but sometimes we can also take it quite literally: if you want to enjoy your year 2021 holidays by having a road trip with an RV or a camping trailer, you probably must book it already now.

Autumn is usually the time when camping trailer manufacturers collect orders to work on full throttle during the winter months in order to get the campers rolling in early spring. That’s the case here at KULBA too. Although our manufacturing pipeline is already pretty filled-up, we always leave some production slots available for last minute orders. So, if you prefer a KULBA camping trailer to be your companion for your next camping trip, the best moment to place your order is now.

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