Designed for your comfort, freedom and flexibility

Strong and stable

The cabin of the KULBA teardrop trailer is made out of Baltic birch ply hardwood, which is globally renowned for its strength and stability.


The outer sidewalls of the Woody are covered with UV-resistant marine-grade epoxy, whereas for the Rebel outer sidewalls are coated with weather and scratch-resistant polyurethane (Line-X). The roof-top of the KULBA teardrop trailer is made of an anodized aluminum.


The fully insulated shell of the KULBA teardrop trailer protects you from rain, wind, heat, cold, and noise regardless of where and when you plan on heading.


The KULBA teardrop trailer has a spacious cabin to give you an airy feeling inside and plenty of storage for your stuff. It comfortably accommodates two adults, and not only for sleeping purposes - the 3-piece mattress is foldable into a sofa, the power outlets are all in place, so you can host a great evening in if you prefer not to sneak out.


The back end of KULBA teardrop trailer lifts to access a birch galley with cabinets, a fresh water tank, sink, water tap and preparation station to make light cooking easy.

Add-ons for a superb look

  • various wood fiber patterns for the exterior and interior finish
  • colours and direct prints on wood for outer sides as well as for interior parts
  • anodized or brushed aluminum skin all over
  • polyurethane (Line-X) side coating available also for the on-road version

Additonal details for your comfort and enjoyment

  • natural wood interior
  • LED lighting
  • 12V/220V/110V/USB sockets inside the cabin as well as an external power outlet for connection at a camping site
  • openable side windows equipped with roll blinder and mosquito net
  • roof window with a roll blinder, mosquito net and electric fan
  • optional heating and air conditioning units 
  • audio/video entertainment either built-in or stand-alone

Extra amenities for your fun, freedom and flexibility

  • bike rack
  • roof rack
  • cargo box
  • built-in power unit
  • coolbox or fridge
  • built-in or portable gas cooker
  • solar panels

Awnings and tents

You can even triple your hangout area by attaching industry standard or custom-made side awnings to the cabin of the KULBA teardrop trailer.


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