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Just enough to hitch and go

Being surprisingly lightweight, fuel-efficient and easy to handle, the KULBA teardrop trailer offers everything you need for either a spontaneous weekend break or a planned long-term adventure. It's small enough to be stored in a backyard and perfectly sized to access just about any location.

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Access all areas

Off-road package with a strengthened axle, larger wheels and all-terrain tires help your KULBA teardrop trailer access the same wild spots that your SUV can.

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Choose your own rolling style

Each KULBA teardrop trailer is custom-built exactly according to your wishes, with attention to every detail to suit your own personal taste. Prepare to see smiling faces in passing cars as well as attracting new friends at the camp site.

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Every time a new birch

For each KULBA teardrop trailer built, we plant a new birch tree. If you take something, you must give something back. That's our deal with Mama Nature.


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