What is the price?

The prices may vary in different countries due to tax differences, possible customs duties, delivery specifics and other factors. Special offers and seasonal discounts may be available at the dealers. To find out what will be the exact price of a Kulba model with your preferred specification in your location in this particular moment of time, please use the form provided at the bottom of this page to contact us. Or you can reach out to your closest dealer listed on the the CONTACTS page.

How much does delivery cost?

We deliver Kulba trailers to your preferred address or you can collect it yourself at your nearest dealer. The delivery price depends on where you are located, and within Europe it may vary in a range from EUR 600 to EUR 1000. The delivery price will be quoted and agreed with you before you order the trailer. If you buy a Kulba trailer from our dealer, it also could be that the delivery price may already be included in the sales price.

What is the lead time?

The standard lead time for Kulba teardrop trailers is around 8-10 weeks from the date of the order.

How is the trailer transported to the client?

Kulba teardrop trailers are safely transported to the clients in closed trucks, on car haulers or on special vehicles designated for the safe transportation of cars and trailers. Overseas transportation is done in standard containers via shipping.

What about customs clearance?

No customs clearance is needed for EU countries. However, non-EU countries do require customs clearance. This is an additional service that can be provided either by us in cooperation with a specialized agent on your territory, or you can do the customs clearance yourself. In such case we provide all the necessary documents like Export Declaration, Commercial Invoice, CMR, Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, and Certificate of Conformity.

What is the registration process?

Each Kulba teardrop trailer comes with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), which is sufficient to register the trailer through a standard registration procedure of a new vehicle.

Should your registration authority require any additional documentation, we can provide it on request. For non-EU countries, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your country's registration procedure, as well as what documents may be needed.

Do I need a special driver's licence to tow a Kulba?

The full weight of all Kulba teardrop trailer models is 750 kg (O1 category), so you don't need a special driver's license to tow a trailer of such weight. If you have a B category driver’s licence, it is enough.

What is the warranty and how are warranty repairs are done?

Each Kulba teardrop trailer comes with a 2-year warranty. Damages can be claimed from us or from your dealer. Most repairs and replacement of parts can be be done by any caravan repair shop, or by our dealers. We will cover the repair costs of the third party.